RS2N is a private research laboratory developing solutions based on numerical simulation of scientific problems, arising in the physics and mechanics of continuous media.




RS2N develops its own theoretical models and numerical methods, all embedded in a proprietary flow solver: the DALPHADT code (3D, parallel, working

on unstructured meshes,

both explicit and implicit).





Located on the French Riviera, RS2N has been created in 2004 by Richard Saurel, to pursue consulting work started in 1994 with Defense laboratories.

Richard Saurel is leading consultant of the company and distinguished professor at Aix-Marseille University; Member of the University Institute of France; Recipient of several scientific awards (
Science and Defense Prize 2006, Edmond Brun Prize of the Academy of Science 2010; Author of 90 publications in scientific journals, Associate Editor of 10 scientific journals.

RS2N employs 4PhD and 3 engineers.

Clients: French laboratories of Defense and Space: CEA, DGA, DCNS, CNES, SNECMA, EPC, ANR, NAVAL GROUP... 



All of our publications are made yearly in the best international journals of

Fluid Mechanics and Computational Physics.

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