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Video : 2D reference results of a dam-break problem with interface sharpening (Chiapolino et al. 2017


Figure : Comparison of the 1D solution (thin lines and symbols) of the present two-layer Saint-Venant model (Chiapolino and Saurel 2018) with the 2D averaged results over y at given x from the video

CPU time gain :

The computation of the present test problem required about 30 hours for the 2D simulation (computing only half of the domain) with a parallelized code (MPI) running on 64 cores, while the 1D computation only needed a couple of seconds using a sequential implementation

Video: 2D reference results from diffuse interface computations
Figure: 2D averaged vs 1D results from 2-layer SW equations
Two-layer hyperbolic Saint-Venant  model
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